K9 Kalmer
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The K9 Kalmer plays an irresistible, proprietary composition of music, which your dog can hear but is otherwise inaudible to humans. This melody will lure attention away from anxiety producing stimuli and result in a dog's version of tranquility. When used in a systematic way, the K9 Kalmer will make this tranquil behavior a permanent part of a dog's life.

The K9 Kalmer is completely pain free. It will reduce needless barking without painful shock, sprays, or sound. The K9 Kalmer works on your dog, or your neighbor's dog(s). The melody has a 100 yard range and travels through fences and over walls.

The unit is easily mounted to walls, or may sit on any flat surface. The unit may also be mounted under outside eaves, virtually hidden, due to its water resistant casing. The K9 Kalmer is easy to use and has simple one button operation. Full instructions and AC adapter included.

$79.99 Plus $8.95 S&H

For More Information Call (877) 217-5145

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