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Hello! We have a nine year old Cocker Spaniel that was very hyper and barked excessively at most anything. I ordered the K9Kalmer with little faith that this would alter her long time bad habits. Within TWO Hours after plugging the unit in, we saw the calming effect! It has been three weeks and we continue to see a 90% improvement. I'm telling anyone who will listen to pass the word about this product. Thank you,

Renee, Joe & Chloe the dog


I feel that it is necessary for me to email you. I recently purchased a K9Kalmer unit from you and I want to tell you that it was the best investment that I have made! That machine, whatever it does, is outstanding! I have two chihuahuas that bark nonstop. I plugged that in on Sunday and it has been so peaceful in my house. Personally, I think you should sell them for a lot more than what you do because it sure is worth every penny! I want to thank you for having them available. Thank you so much!!

Eugene & Gwen

I have a neighbor whose dogs barked constantly. Ever Friday night they would go out for the evening and leave the dogs in their backyard. The dogs would start barking at dusk and not stop until brought inside. Often until 2 or 3 in the morning. Our weekends were ruined by lack of sleep. After about a month of misery I happened upon the K9 Kalmer folks and their test program and was lucky enough to get a unit to test. I waited until the dogs started their routine again. 30 minutes after plugging in my K9 Kalmer, the dogs stopped barking. In fact, I did not hear them again for over 3 weeks and then only for a moment. It has been over 9 months now of peace and quiet and very little barking! Thank you, thank you to the good people at K9 Kalmer. You have preserved my sanity.

Steven K., D.D.S.

Newport Beach, CA

We have Westie and a Scottie pups each 6 months old. The Westie was very dominant and yappee in both play and when seeking attention. As soon as we set up the Kalmer she calmed down. Even before the week was up she stopped yapping.

The Scottie still barks when necessary but out on walks is less yappee when she meets strange dogs.


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